SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS is a non-profit organization that works to deliver assistance to people in need. We do this by working with organizations in the community. We strive to nurture a little more kindness and compassion amongst neighbors.

After seeing a news report about a wealthy business man handing out $100 bills to random people during the holidays, our Executive Director, Tom Myers, vowed to do similar work. Already active in a non-profit organization, he convinced his fellow board members they should repurpose their organization to help people in need in their community. Small Acts of Kindness was born.

  • Executive Director: Tom Myers
  • Treasurer: Cristina Murphy
  • Secretary: Marcey Gonzalez



Here are some examples of the work we do:

  • Amplify Austin Day — The biggest giving event in Central Texas, Amplify Austin Day runs during a single 24-hour period, from 6pm on March 1st to 6pm on March 2nd, bringing residents across a 7-county region together to support SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS and more than 700 other nonprofits by making a donation at
  • Shop with a Cop — We partner with Amigos En Azul, Target, and others to help disadvantaged students from Austin area elementary schools get the opportunity to shop for themselves or their family members while interacting with officers from the Austin Police Department. Here are photos and video coverage of the event.
  • Joe A. Maciel Scholarship Program — We support this Austin, Texas program that awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors wishing to pursue higher education.
  • Secret Santa — During the COVID pandemic in December 2020 in Austin, Texas we partnered with the Austin Police Department so their officers could distribute $100 Walmart gift cards to fifty (50) people in need in the neighborhoods they patrol.


The success of Small Acts of Kindness depends on the support of its partners including volunteers, donors, and like-minded organizations with whom we work. Here are some of the organizations with whom we’ve worked:

Amplify Austin Day - I Live Here I Give Here
Joe Maciel Scholarship Program - SAKI